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about 3:30 this morning on hillsdale. it happened to a vacant house. the intensity of the fire was so big that it's spread to two adjacent homes. one of the homes had been turned into a nursing home with four residents. they were safely evacuated. no injuries reported there. the other house, there was one occupant inside. he got out safely. no one was inside the vacant house. it did go to two alarms because of the intensity of the fire. firefighters were able to make a good knock on the fire and get everything under control. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. fire equipment remains on the scene. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it thank you. police are investigating the shooting involving one of their own. officers were called to the kings point square shopping center yesterday for a report of a suspicious man. police encountered the suspect who had parked his suv outside one of the stores. the man attacked the first arriving officer. >> there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon, at which time a second officer pulled up to the s
at hillsdale road, which is closed in both directions. the alternate will be garrison. in columbia, we do have a fire. it has shut down harmel drive. alltel it will be cedar lane -- the alternates will be cedar lane. no problems out there. 95 at the toll plaza, switching over to a live view. southbound traffic is in a little heavier but no delays to report. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some residents had a rude awakening when a building caught fire. >> if happened at 4:00 a.m. this morning. jennifer franciotti is on the scene with the latest. >> the street you see behind me is actually liberty heights. all the fire activity is on hillsdale. the fire happened about 3:30 this morning on hillsdale with a vacant house involved in this fire. officials say when crews arrived, that fire was heavily in golfed in flames. they needed to call for a second alarm. they have to fight the fire from the exterior of the building. >> because of the intensity, because the damage to a neighboring nursing home that was occupied, as well as another home that was occupied by one individual. >> that is
is on tap for the upcoming week. torst we say good morning 2 kim. >> hillsdale road is closed in both directions. take garrison avenue as an alternate. otherwise, howard county, there is some fire activity and possible lane blockages of there. it could be causing some problem between shadow lane and watch train way. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side and the topside. six minutes as you head down to washington. this is 97 and things are moving just fine north and southbound. 95 at 24, we did have an accident on the overpass over 95. that has been cleared and it doesn't look like it's causing any problems. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some breaking news. firefighters are out to contain a blaze. >> it broke out around 4:00 a.m. this morning. jennifer franciotti is live on the scene with the latest. >> the fire is now out and no one was hurt. it was on hillsdale, about half a block north of liberty heights. liberty heights is now shut down in both directions. kevin is here from the baltimore city fire department. nobody was hurt in this fire. >> it is a very good thing.
road as alternate route. we are deallng with another fire at northwest road that is at hillsdale avenue, stick wwth glen oak avenue as aa alteenate route. if you're traveling the main lines, they are look nicc andd3 clear. we're looking at a high 62 miles per hour at the left side of thú %-this will be the same case aae make our way to parkville checking at har food oad. harffrd road. you can see not too any cars on the road. you're looking t an 11-minute3 ride. 83 will remain clear. ride from shawan road to the beltway. that's the traffic edge report. ú%trice, back to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> stiil ahead a day off on3 wall street. how the market made an impactú worldwide even though it was closed. >>> we're worst off han we were -our years aggo >> bob ehrlich hits the airing t.v. campaign ads all summee. tournament we have more on the ehrlich's new ad ann what governor oomalley thinks of it. >> reporter: although he hasú been a gubernatorial candidate for near 5 months, ehrlich haa %--s he campaigns in this arpai. parade, he is also unveiling his first ad. >> reporter:
good this morning. just a head's up. a two-alarm fire has hillsdale road closed in both directions at this time. liberty heights avenue, also closed to traffic. so try to avoid that area this morning. as you check our drive times, northbound 95 looking good between route 100 and 395. no delays there. 29 through howard county. no problems. as you approach on the outer loop, only a 6 minute trip. this is going to be 70 at 79. traffic is moving very nicely in both directions. jamie, back to you. >> it is 5:00. college park has been in class a week. already we have three muggings. linda so with what's being done to protect students at the university of maryland. >> students are encouraged to walk in groups. posters have been put up in dorms reminding students that typical crime time happens between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. the latest attack happened over the weekend. a student was robbed on campus by four suspects who wanted his wallet. that student was hit several times in the face. on august 27, three students were robbed and assaulted while they were getting into a car in a h
for the majority of us. you will see hillsdale road closed in both directions because of a two-alarm fire there. you can use garrison boulevard to get around. also in columbia, closed between shadow lane and watch chain way because of a fire there. traffic can get by using cedar lane. as we look at the beltway, here we are, traffic still very light, moving at a nice pace. no problems around 695. 83, 95, and 295 checking in clear at this time. megan and jamie, back to you. >> he calls it the most urgent task creating jobs and fixing the economy. president obama says he'll keep fighting to turn the economy around, but is spending $50 million the answer? emily schmidt is in washington this morning. >> this week's president obama is -- to slow the winning. >> i personally think, yes we can is more inspiring than no we can't. >> the washington post poll finds more people saying about the president, no, he hasn't. for the first time, most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job overall. more voters say the president made the economy worse. >> i am going to keep fighti
alive. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> they filed into hillsdale mall on a mission. at 5:40 p.m. on june 9th, someone shot and killed david luis in the parking lot of hillsdale mall. at 5:40 p.m., his friends and family are asking shoppers for help because luis' killer is still out there. >> this is the time of day it happened. it is pretty busy here. it is almost impossible for a car to kill someone without people noticing. >> but few people are talking and that's what exacterses say they -- investigators say they need to solve this case. >> it makes things difficult when you only have a suspect and victim. >> police are calling this case a high priority. the city's police chief also passed out fliers. there have been 25 search warrants issued and hundreds of interviews and even a $50,000 reward offered. people are frustrated. >> not trying to blame it on the police, but we don't know. they say they are investigating, so we have to put it in their hands. >> we have a whole police department that wants to bring these individuals to justice. >> the one who wants this case close
a house fire has shutddwn hillsdale road. you want to stick with glen oak aveeue as an alternate route. megan gilliiand will bring you up to speed at the scene. >>> check at the west ide of liberty road, you ccn see cars are moving along fine. you're looking at an 11-minute rrde from 795 too95 with an averrge speed of 54 mmles per it will remain clear from 95 to 83, that will take you 11 minutes. the average speed of 4 miles per hour aa well. not only an 8-minute ride through the fort mchenry that's the traffic edge report.f patrice, back to you. >>> we are folllwing breaking news out oo northwess balttmore this morniig. a two-alarm fire ripped will you a vacant houue leading to the evacuation of a nearby nursing home. megan gilliland is live along liberty heighhs avenue with more this fire. it looks likk annactive scene, megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, still a very active and hillsdale road.ights avenue smoke is pouring from the rooftop inside of a vacann home in the 3600 block of hillsdale rrad. theeflames broke oot around 3:30 this morning when crews arri
this month after the vacant building next what caught fire. it broke out just before 4:00 on hillsdale road and liberty heights ave. it escalated to two alarms but was contained within an hour. no one was hurt. the cause is unknown. baltimore county police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. officers were called to the shopping center just before 8:00 a.m. monday for a report about a suspicious man. when police arrived, they encountered the suspect, who had parked his suv at side one of the stores. police say he was distraught and attacked the first officer, who had to use his patrol car door to fend off the suspect. >> there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon, at which time a second officer pulled out to the scene, observed what was going on, and shot the suspect in the chest two times. >> the officers involved are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the suspect is at shock trauma in stable condition. elsewhere in the county, police have made an arrest in connection with a home invasion last month. 32-year-old lavar mauric
. >> they filed into hillsdale mall on a mission. >> can we give you a flier. we're hoping for help in solving a murder. >> 5:40 p.m. june 9th, someone shot and killed david lewis in the parking lot of hillsdale mall. three months later at 5:40 p.m. his friends and family are asking shoppers for help because lewis' killer is still out there. >> and this is the time of day it happened. it's pretty busy here and almost impossible for a car to shoot someone without someone noticing. >> but very few people are talking and that's exactly what investigators say they need to solve this case. >> that's what makes cases like this the most difficult, when you only have a suspect and victim and don't have a lot of witness information. >> police are calling this case a high priority. the police chief also passed out fliers. the one who wants this case closed most is lewis' widow. she visited specific stores. >> this was david's favorite store. >> yeah. came in here a lot. a very nice guy. >> my stomach is really in knots. i wanted to come back to the scene of the crime where my husband was murdered. but i
.ter: good morning, intiend m!!combined me is the in of hillsdale avenue. still a lot of crews on the scene. there's smoke creeping up over the top here where crews are working to put out he hotspots. the fire ignnted inside of a vacant home around 3:30 this morning but it did spread to both houses on either side, next -dor to one of them, ne per waú ddsplaced out of hat home. on the otherrside is actually a nursnursing home and ffur eople from that newsing home were evacuate. ú%l 5 of those people are expected to be okay. a this point, the crews are making sure that the hotspots are out and everyone in this area is safe. there's no word on a cause or anything thht might have started this, but still hotspots out here riggt now. you can see this road, liberty heights closed at this point. they're hoping within the next hour it will reopen and hildale. patrice, back to you. >>> in the nursing home that was damaged in thh fire. how bad, will the residents be able to go in once the scene is clear, will they have to look at a new place to house the residents. >> it doesn't luke like it's b
through 2011. >>> dozens of people attended a vigil tonight of hillsdale mall in san mateo where a community activists was gunned down a couple of months ago. the killing is unsolved despite the effort to drum up some leads and the new effort. lloyd lacuesta is at the mall with our report. >> reporter: frank, tomorrow will mark 90 days since someone shot and killed a renowned community activist here at the hillsdale community center out in the parking lot. tonight family and friends of 54-year-old david lewis came here to remember him and to hand out these flyers asking for someone to step forward with information that could solve this killing. >> we did you for those who have gathered here today. those that loved david and those that don't and those that want to help out. >> reporter: about 40 people gathered in the mall parking garage not far from where lewis was gunned down. police say lewis appeared to have been arguing with one or more people. and as he walked away to enter the shopping mall, he was shot in the back. >> i think it was somebody that actually was still in the
wrapping up at 7:00 a.m. but it might affect your drive hillsdale 92 off-ramp closed until 7:00 a.m. i'll check your drive on 880 coming up. first, your forecast. tracy? >> thanks, gianna. temperatures for today slightly warmer inland. 80 degrees in concord. 81 degrees in livermore. 73 in fremont. 62 in san francisco. 70 in vallejo and san rafael and 74 in santa rosa. 77 degrees in napa. nice day expected but you will have to get through some morning clouds first. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast, the rest of the workweek and what those temperatures will be like. that's all coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >>> breaking news out of iran. the country's english language state television reports that uc berkeley alumina sarah shourd has been released from prison. there are no other details or confirmation. that release had been in limbo for days. we started talking about it last week. an attorney foreshourd said her family was having trouble raising the $500,000 bail money. yesterday they said she could be released for health reasons if her bail is paid. she has cancer. s
on the west side that has liberty, hillsdale road between liberty heights and bell avenue. as you look at our cameras, 95 is moving well. this is going to be on top of the tunnel, as you see traffic is flowing nicely. megan and jamie, back to you. >> 2 minutes after 6:00 right now. you send your kid off to college and you worry about what they'll eat, how much they'll study, you shouldn't have to worry about them getting robbed or mugged, but that is certainly the concern this morning if your child is attending the university of maryland. linda so is here this morning live in our studio with information about an attack. >> that happened over the weekend. police say a student was hit in the face several times by a group of suspects who took his wallet. posters have been put up in dorms reminding students that the typical crime time happens between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. students are encouraged to walk in groups and avoid going out late at night. there have been two other similar attacks. on august 27, three students were robbed and assaulted as they were getting into a car in a hotel
the evacuation of a nursing home on hillsdale road near liberty heights. residents have been take ton another acy. there's no word on what started the fire. >>> a man accused of stealing weapons and a hand grenade is behind bars. police found lavar ritz in baltimore city. they also found the stolen hand grenade and two handguns at a second location in windsor mills. four others had been arrested. >>> this morning baltimore county police are trying to figure out who vandalized several political signs in pikesville. 10 signs belonging to sherry becker were destroyed. becker said the damage occurred sometime monday morning. each of the four by 10 feet signs cost about $150. >>> more breaking news from colorado where a wildfire is continuing to spread. the situation on the ground continues to change but here's with we know right now. dozens of homes have already been disee stroyed, firefighters struggling to contain it because of high waned -- wind msz. hundreds of homes near boulder are affected. >> i was putting out the spot fires but once the fire storm hit and the trees ignite, the flames within
the manager told her it violated the abercrombie look. it was inspired by the hollister store at the hillsdale mall last february for wearing her head scarf. coyotes are plaguing a community. they've been attacking pets in saratoga and neighboring cities. we have a video we want to show you of a female and her pups taken by animal control in the back of a saratoga home last month only 20 feet from the back door. no one has been attacked so far. >> there's a good reason to be concerned, not to leave toddlers or infants on their own in yards in these areas where these coyotes occur. >> map shows where the highest concentration of coyotes are in santa clara county, including san jose, los gatos, saratoga and along the western foothills. residents in san francisco's mission district are expressing concern dolores park has become too popular. a group called safe, clean, green says it wants fewer events and more police. there were 25 city-sponsored events last year. >> there's underaged drinkers, people smoking pot all day. there's kids doing heroin now. and i feel like everybody goes by my house wi
. police say 39-year-old stacy white of san mateo was driving southbound in the northbound lane, hillsdale boulevard before 3:00 a.m. she was killed. a second person, 26-year-old steven of titusville florida died when he got out of his car to help. 101 was partly shut down both directions for nearly 15 hours they just reopened in the last half hour. >> berkly grad detained in iran with her fiance and friend may be coming home this week. sarah her fiance shane and friend joshua have been jailed for more than a year for spying. they will release her on a half million dollars bail because of health problems. >>> five members of an oakland church are held in zimbabwe. two doctors, two nurses and another are being held in harare and expected to be in court tomorrow arrested thursday accused of illegally dispensing medicine. they were carrying donated aids drugs, a mission they have performed several times a year since 2000. >> summer seems to be hanging on in parts of the bay area but what is in store for the week ahead. the pinpoint forecast ahead ,,,,,, you inhale, they inhale. millions of ch
with the officers teamed up to cap turt suspect outside of a hillsdale high school. >> that is an objective to make sure no one came across the path. >> they'd not believe the stories they're really real. >> the judge ruled yesterday that he is competent to stand trial on attempted murder and charges. his trial is set to begin in january. >> and aflac, burger king and u.s. customs were offering more than 3600 hundred positions today. the hotel was packed with job seekers unemployed from months to two years. 10 emmoiers set up booths and accepted resumes. >> how long have you been out of work? >> since june. >> how did it happen? >> i wornged in construction industry. and the market stalled. >> it's been g i've been able to stop and reassess what i wanted to do next. and take training to keep up on new developments and technology arena. now it's time fog back. >> the nation's jobless rate stands at nearly 10%. in california more than 12%. abc 7 co-sponsored this event. next one taking place october 26th. >> and money scope headlines a surge in bay area home values. the index of prices in 20 cities o
at edmondson ave or perching edmondson ave. it is causing some delays. hillsdale avenue, closed between liberty heights and bell out and new. debris on the outer loop at 95 blocking the right lane. columbia, fire truck and carmella drive. accident on 40 westbound approaching rowling road. we will give you a live look at the westvi side of the beltway, very jammed up. all holdings of the west side there. disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the outer loop of the beltway. live view of 95, we have an accident and some delays there. we will end with a bit of good news. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> things are nice and quiet in the weather department. temperatures are comfortable. it is going to be a lot warmer than it was over the weekend. 65 at the airport. 64 in rising sun. mostly sunny. high temperatures this afternoon will climb into the upper 80s. maybe a shower of late tonight, and the seven-day forecast, slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm on wednesday. >> thank you for joining us. back at 8:25. . >>> 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, september 7, 2010. a great day to be u
. still have the fire activity blocking roads in the city liberty heights. hillsdale and paddone are affected. there's a look at the west side. that's a look at 95 at caton avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by the national aquarium. music and story time at 10:00 a.m. >>> several horses are dead this morning following a barn fire behind the charlestown race track in west virginia. andrea fujii has the story. andrea? >> reporter: jessica, 26 horses were saved but 27 others weren't. early yesterday morning charlestown casino visitors saw flames shooting 50 feet into the air. trapped inside dozens of race horses. a majority of the horses are owned by people who live in the area. damage to the barn is estimated at more than $1 million. investigators don't know yet what started that niemplet jessica, back to you. >>> a triple shooting in west baltimore leaves three people hospitalized. three men in their 20s were shot in the 900 block of hastings street. according to our media partner the baltimore sun one man was shot in the leg and another suffer add grazed wound on his h
by the hollister store at the hillsdale mall last february for wearing her head scarf. the rights group has filed a formal complaint. abercrombie and fitch is hollister's parent company. residents of san francisco's mission district are expressing concern that dolores park has become too popular. a group called safe, clean, green says it wants fewer events and more police. there were 25 city-sponsored events including cinco de mayo, gay parade party, spontaneous events like box wars. you see it there where competitors wear cardboard boxes. >> underaged drinkers, people smoking pot all day. there are kids doing heroin now. and i feel like everybody goes by my house with open containers. >> the park and rec department posted times reminding people that drinking and smoking are not allowed. some park users say they too want a safe environment but don't want a war on fun. a continuous lack of sleep is not only exhausting, it can shorten your life. a study from penn state college of medicine found men who suffer from chronic insomnia are at increased risk of death compared to those who sleep six hours
for david lewis a community activist killed three months ago in a targeted attack at the hillsdale mall in san mateo. that is where lisa amin is live for us tonight. lisa? >> reporter: david lewis was shot and killed three months ago in a parking garage at 5:40 p.m. and today volunteers passed out the flyers, hoping they will jog someone's memory who was here that day who may have seen something. friends and family spent an hour inside the mall for about an hour talking about lewis. at the time he was shot, san mateo police said the murder was targeted and lewis was arguing with someone. after serving 25 search warrants and interviewing more than 100 people there are still no suspects. >> that is what makes cases like this the most difficult when you only have a suspect and a victim and you don't have a lot of witness information. >> i believe that someone seen something. they may be afraid to come forward. they may have thought wow, that was a -- i don't know. they may have left the mall without knowing what happened. we are in the mall because some people never even knew that day that
:00. >> the family and friends of a murder victim pleaded with shoppers at san mateo's hillsdale mall to find the killer. community activist david lewis of east palo alto was shot to death on june 8th inside the parking garage at the mall. lewis's family shared leaflets with people in the mall last night hoping they might remember something about that tragic night three months ago. a $50,000 reward is offered in the case but police need witnesses to come forward. >> not trying to blame it on the police, but we don't know. they're investigating and been investigating. we have to put it in their hands. >> we have a whole police department that wants to help, progress and bring this individual to justice for david. >> if you know anything about lewis' murder, san mateo police urge you to call them immediately. >> marin county officials and their counterparts in four cities are proposing new restrictions on smoking in apartment buildings. the city of fairfax is considering a measure that would require half the units to be non-smoking in buildings with six or more apartments. new apartment buildin
closing on the hillsdale on-ramp to eastbound 92 as well as delaware so heads up there. taking a live look at 2 0 through san jose. traffic light this morning. travel times throughout the south bay, guadalupe parkway 5 minutes northbound between 58 and 280. 101 clear from 280 to 237. only 11 minutes on 280 itself from 101 to 85. mass transit is all on time. lots of good news from the traffic center. here's your forecast. plenty of clouds out there, some fog and even some areas of drizzle. delays on arrivals at sfo around 40 minutes for this morning because of the fog and the clouds. and also some areas of fog inland. for this morning, as you head out the door. for this afternoon, though, boy, looks nice. mostly sunny with warmer conditions inland highs up to the mid-80s. sunshine for most of the bay, temperatures near 70 degrees in our warmest spots and a mix of sun and clouds along the coastline. temperatures ranging from 60 to 64 degrees. highs today lower 70s in union city and also in fremont. lower 70s in san mateo and palo alto. upper 70s from pleasant hill, near 80 in walnut creek a
near hillsdale. more details on that and update on an overturned big rig in vallejo. so far still pretty quiet right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> 5:30 on this friday. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a new theory this morning what may have sparked that deadly explosion and gas fire in san bruno two weeks ago. scientists are trying to figure out if bacteria-induced corrosion played a role. jenelle wang is live in san bruno. jenelle, could the same conditions exist elsewhere? >> uh-huh. it's called microbiologically influenced corrosion and it has happened elsewhere. ten years ago in the new mexico desert. the dangerous microbes are believed to be the cause of a gas transmission line explosion that killed 12 people including three young children. that transmission line was 50 years old and 30 inches in diameter. sound familiar? that's the same specs of the one here in san bruno that killed 7 people on september 9th, over 50 years old and 30 inches in diameter. the corrosion being a possible cause came out in the san francisco chronicl
on the job. they were awarded for responding to a potentially explosive situation at hillsdale high school last year. the officers safely detained a teenager wearing a vest filled with live bombs. >> he called us every day, we responded to that one like any other call. things developed and turned out to be the biggest call of my life. we're happy to all be here today. >> six other officers received medals who shot and killed a suspect who stabbed a judge in a courtroom. >>> still ahead, a settlement for the oil spill in the gulf. >>> the eiffel tower evacuated. >>> but first, a massive landslide caught on tape. the story behind this startling video. >>> tracking that californiato heat and we are well into the triple digits here for the east and parts of the south bay. and for tomorrow, still stays warm. 11:00 forecasting temperatures in the low 80s. >>> we're back in two. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment. i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whi
once again to find the killer. the group plans a vigil at 5:40 at the hillsdale shopping mall. that's where david lewis was shot to death three months ago. police have made no arrests in the case and why no progress has been made. they also want to make sure the case doesn't go cold. the environment, david lewis, worked with young people to keep them away from drugs and violence. >> the man charged with shooting and seriously wounding a fremont police officer will return to court at the ends of the month to enter a plea. half the fremont police department, some 70 officers, showed up for andrew barrientos first appearance in the courtroom yesterday. he shot todd young. young was working under cover. barrientos claims he never announced he was a cop. >> that's not true. i mean, i'm not gonna release information on the investigation, but in trial we'll prove that's not true. >> officer young remains in a drug-induced coma. he faces more surgery. there will be another blood drive for him at the red cross blood zero in oakland today. >> the metropolitan transportation commission meets t
and killed a respected community activist in the parking lot of san mateo's hillsdale shopping mall. that case remains unsolved. last night 40 people held a vigil to remember the victim. lewis was well known for his work in helping recovering addicts. and he founded an east palo alto drug rehab center called free at last. it's fear maybe a factor why no one has come forward. >> a bad neighborhood. but a lot of people just don't say things because they're worried or feared of anything happening to them or their families. >> it's not mentioned. murder is inexcusable. and one thing he would always say if you kill someone, you will pay. >> the volunteers also went through the shopping mall handing out fliers and letting people know there's a $50,000 reward offered in this case. david lewis' friends say they will not allow this case to go cold. >>> well, an interstate offramp in oakland reopened now after a truck's brakes apparently failed causing an accident that wrecked 13 vehicles. it happened around 5:00 last night on the grand avenue offramp from interstate 580. the truck driver who
with gianna franco. looks like a new problem at the peninsula? >> absolutely. northbound 101 at hillsdale. vehicle spun out, hit the center divide. it's stuck in the left lane facing the wrong way. chp is headed out to the scene. video earlier of an accident in vallejo an overturned big rig about 2:45:00 a.m. they managed to upright it, but they are still dealing with pounds and pounds of grass and sod and debris along the road. so caltrans, chp, still on scene as they clean everything out of the way. in the meantime, you can use 80 to redwood on westbound 80 at the columbus parkway off-ramp, eastbound 37 to the columbus parkway off-ramp is shut down not affecting the main lines of the road. again, use redwood as an alternate. they are saying hopefully it should be wrapped up by 8:00 a.m. that's a look at your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >>> hey, thanks, gianna. well, it's called day two of the warmup. warming trend day number two. so what's in store for today? well, let's quickly talk about yesterday. 82 in santa rosa, 81 concord, 79 in san jose, 74 in san francisco. today
at hillsdale high school last august. the officers ran into the school and took the vest off the suspect which was loaded with seven live pipe bombs. they arrested the 17-year-old suspect who was a former student. the officerses were honored for their heroic actions. four civilians at the school were also honored for their bravery. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will try to assure it has legal advice selecting an interim mayor should gavin newsom become lieutenant governor. they're getting help from the santa clara county counselor miguel martinez. usually it would be given by san francisco's city attorney dennis herrera but herrera is running for mayor himself next year and wants to avoid a conflict of interest. caltrain has begun posting suicide prevention signs on 10 miles of track between mountain view and menlo park. the signs read "there is help." with a hotline number and crisis intervention and prevention center in san carlos, caltrain decided to fund the $110,000 project after four young people committed suicide on the tracks in a six-month period of last year. >> it's now
a bomber at hillsdale high school last august. the officers ran into the school and took a vest off the suspect which was loaded with seven live pipe bombs. they arrested the 17-year-old suspect who was a former student. the officers were honored in san mateo last september for their heroic actions. four civilians at the school were also honored for their bravery. >> almost 6:37 now. high temperatures, poor air quality. what else would you like? would you like fry aware that? >> no, cooler temperatures. >> okay, no fries. >> until then a nice cold lemonade, right, mike? >> or nice adult beverage with garlic fries at the game tonight at at&t. >> lemonade. he meant lemonade. >> anybody, anybody? >> yeah. let's talk about seriously how hot it's going to be since it's the third or fourth day in your neighborhood. it's going to start wearing on your body if you spend much time outside. late this afternoon the sea breeze starts to move in. it's 87. that's very hot in san francisco. 91 oakland and santa rosa down to 103. all slightly cooler than yesterday. concord, san jose and fremont 1,
for other rail systems. this is caltrain. they are single tracking through hillsdale. expect 30-minute delays there along the peninsula northbound and southbound. and we do have big slowing coming through the south bay. northbound 101 near the santa cruz mountains, we have the big rig blocking the summit in the southbound direction. a lot of folks are heading through the area, but the earthquake also could present an issue for the morning. we are following that and we'll send it to you. >>> we'll show you what folks can expect heading out to the coast. we have some low clouds approaching the shoreline. there's the ocean air-conditioning ramping up as the fog bank starts to fill. we'll see that low cloud cover start to spill towards the coast late today. so we'll see temperatures well into the 90s all around the bay area near lunchtime. but for the peninsula and coast, we'll start to see cooling late this afternoon. then heading to tomorrow and labor day weekend, the inland temperatures really start to drop off. 70s and low 80s inland. >>> thank you, rob. you can share your thoughts tod
problem the catching keyman is delayed when chain #225 broke down on found at hillsdale between sam the tail end of month. they were able to transfer the passengers on to train 227 however they're having to sing the track because the train is solved. that means delays of 30 minutes north bound it also mean delays of near that in the south and direction as well. complete traffic check straight ahead. rep. >> there weather very hot in the disparity airedale over 190 near the bay. beautiful at the beaches but the return of the fog tamara it begins to cool down as we had to labor day monday. a live look gets that is to take a quick break. 77 already in oakland. in these men knew near 94 high mid-70s eight this evening. kron 4 morning news the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. police suspect all the moral was
. eastbound 92, just west of hillsdale boulevard looks like there was some debris popping up in one of the lanes. hayward, fremont traffic there looking good. some slow traffic. look at all of that red coming in westbound from the altamonte pass. a lot of people held up. 7:08. here's steve. >> thank you very much, sal. good morning, everyone. we have a big cooling trend. the fog came out sunday in the livermore valley. it was getting warm, warm, warm. yesterday was warm. we go right back down. west-southwest wind at 21 in travis. south-southwest 6 at vallejo. if vallejo gets wind, that's a sea breeze. you know it will be cool earl. west 8 at sfo. san jose, southeast 12, reporting some low clouds in thevy sinty. sunny over san jose proper. headline today is cooler. fog has returned, starting to move locally in the bay. it's down below 1,000. it will do it -- to -- it will go down to the hills tomorrow. probably cooler where temperatures will slide right off the mountain compared to yesterday. that's why, that system digging down -- right where it says "turning cooler" a rather strong
south from early gains, and millbrae all the way down to hillsdale you'll be in slow traffic. the nimitz freeway forget about it. it is backed up and union city beginning out of oakland three san leandro solid traffic all the way down to fremont. second accident this morning and that's why things are so badly back up. san francisco in down central freeway not bad right now it's a slow and james lick freeway into san francisco in up to fourth street off ramp. time for whether check with christie. >> beautiful conditions out there today low cloud cover keeping temperatures cooler. those days of triple digits or the door some cooler weather is in store. a live look at the bay bridge surly traffic is an issue but temperatures there dropping. 68 warming up to 79 by noontime only a high of 82 so cooler than yesterday and then bringing it back to 71. temperatures have dropped quite a bit since yesterday you can see that here. drops 17 degrees and san rafael a drop of 10 degrees in oakland and napa, 12 for redwood city. the warm weather we have seen is gone we will see more cooling today even mo
for the victims of thatutbrk. e owner of hillsdale farm and recalled eggs will testify today, too. >>> congressional repeal of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is dead. at least for now. there was a filibuster against the bill with the repeal and the dream act that would give immigrants bought to the u.s. as children permanent residency spending time in college or the military. republican john mccain said tacking on the amendment to a defense spending bill was a cynical act for political reasons. >>> senate candidate and tea party star christine o'donnell is speaking out after side stepping questions about bills that she paid with campaign cash. she sat down with sean hannity of fox news. she says this was her last national tv interview. she also tried to clear the air about the days that she dabbled in witchcraft. >> bill maher. a friend of yours, obviously. did a show a lot. >> unfortunately. >> he comes up with this tape. 1999? you made an appearance. >> yes. >> talking about a boyfriend when you were a teenager? >> right, right, right. >> saying you had dabbled in w
the great job bi had with hillsdale. but what is happening in washington is far different from anything i have never seen or that you have ever seen. we're witnessing an acceleration of power grabs in washington. it is the last version of shock and are. they're oblivious to public opinion and perception. they are intent on trying to change the vision of america. -- it is the left's version of shock and off. every important decision affecting our lives and our children's lives, from which doctors we go to to the form of energy we use are all going to be made from washington. this was not the case up to this point in our country. it has never been this bad. the stakes are high. the time is short. i am seeing it from the front lines. i am here to tell you that you can make a difference. we can save this golden goose. in the next election, we will be able to decide whether we're going to be self-governed as the founders intended with the rights coming from god because or if our rightsfo are loaned to the government and ruled by an elite in washington that thinks they know better. that is at t
of hillsdale college in doing a great job of putting these panels together. [applause] oscar wild said there's two kinds of tragic stories. one is about people who don't get what the want, and the other is about people who do. in november 2008, american liberals got what they wanted, the clearest signal since 1964 that the voters wanted reliable, durable majorities to the advocates of activist government. as jonah mentioned in a post-election cover story for "time" magazine barak obama's majority looked sturdy like the new deal and there was a chance to establish liberal harmony to last until his daughters were parents. because taking aggressive action to stimulate the economy, regulate the financial industry, and sure up the american welfare state won't divide obama's political coalition. it will divide the other side. 22 months later liberal assessments of the political landscape are as gross as the ones after the election were triumphant. in june 2010 third way, a think tank, contracted with a polling firm that worked on the obama campaign to assess americans' attitudes on economic policy
in the parking lot of a hillsdale shopping mall. and the case is still unsolved. last night, about 40 people held a vigil, remembering the victim. 54-year-old david louis. louis was well-known for his work in helping recovering addicts and parolees, trying to reenter society. police say that night he was shot in the back as he was going into that mall. >> i think it was somebody that actually was still in the disease of addiction, and you know, probably couldn't help the guy. >> the volunteers also went through the shopping mall, passing out flyers and letting people know there's a $50,000 reward to solve this case. louis's friends say they will not allow this case to go cold. >>> 7:36. a plan to open a new center to help state parolees is causing some real concern. in one oakland neighborhood. planning commissioners have already approved the project on telegraph avenue at 33rd street. it's in the koreatown, northgate neighborhood, north of downtown, which is home to an increasing number of new restaurants and businesses. the neighborhood's district board has voted to appeal the planner's decisio
of right county and hillsdale will answer face to face tough questions from lawmakers about how this was allowed to happen in the first place we will also hear from two people more serving record 2802 is from santa clara county she was one of the first people to become sick after eating a custard dessert at a graduation big win back in may. as for the eight companies themselves their own gardens showed internal testing turned up or 426 positive results for salmonella. fda inspectors will also testify to will lead the list of infractions from a newer piled 8 ft. high around the complex is live and dead make its supply of rodents birds all of the nesting inside the very end as is where these infected birds were. the hearing is set to begin in 30 minutes. should be pretty intense a lot of congressmen and women really want to get their teeth into these owners because they give them a lashing. scold them for letting this happen we will bring you portions of it as it develops on capitol hill. darya. >> thank you, a developing story of pleasanton hill, crews are working on a water line
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